Twin Ebb Tide

by Dungeon Kids

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released August 16, 2014

these songs were written roughly between February and April of 2014 and recorded on May 15th in a basement and at Mobtown Studios in Baltimore. Mastered by True Wizard Carl Saff ( Album art by Olivia Johnson and Zac Yelnosky

dan windsor - vocals, guitar, keys
zac yelnosky - drums, percussion
ben woodworth - bass
kinsey matthews - guitar, vocals
sean mercer - production/mixing, synth

thanks to all of our friends.

twin ebb tide is the fourth release in the first year that dungeon kids has been together. it's been fun.

if anybody wants a CD, shirt, patch, lollipop, or cassette tape mailed to them, or if you have any questions, requests, ideas, etc. that you'd like to share with us, feel free to email

out of principle, no music released digitally online by dungeon kids will ever require you to pay for it. we're just happy that you dig it enough to listen. that being said, donations of any kind (cash, kites, candy, monopoly game-pieces) are extremely appreciated. anything we receive for our music ultimately goes towards our next project, which in this case will be our first full-length album that we are planning on recording by the end of 2014 if we are still alive by then. thank you for your support. we hope you enjoy twin ebb tide.



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Dungeon Kids Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Happiness Manual In English
So I took you for a nineteen in a nightmare that appeared. As a specter up a staircase in a mirror. For days, I gave you head below a chandelier and the cool kids didn't seem to care. But in the wild, you're as good as mine.

It doesn't make sense, living this way, like hoping for shit. Happiness, man, it melts in our...

Was I dreaming of your regular hair? Cause it seems like I'm staring on your shoulder blades when I am. So how could I ever come to you?

It doesn't make sense living this way, like hoping for shit all the time. Cause happiness, man, it melts in our hands.
Track Name: Sunny Smiles
will i find you by the bottom of my window soon? the view from my roof -- imaginary twin ebb tide. so why do i pull your hair at all? you make me wait all weekend for nothing but we're cool because we hate all the same dubstep DJs.

i will high five you by the bottom of my window soon. the view from my roof --
Track Name: Casual Samurai
woah, what about you?
i'm all about you.
chew gum.
i could guess forever if i tried
and we could be together in a while.

staying up two days a time, wondering.

woah, what about you?
sooooo i'm all about you, Blackmore.
chew gum.
darlin' just a couple miles down
my heart a lonely hunter, see you 'round.

couldn't be so far away; free me to feel.

("when you die, is that the brain or is that the heart?"
"the brain dies.")
Track Name: Laser
I've lived suburban life too long too long.
I've seen stranger things through headphones through head.

Just like everyone I know, woke up in a weirder mood, hopeless in a stranger town.
Just like everyone I know, woke up in a weirder mood, broke down in a screaming bed.

I thought there'd be more to run from out there.

Just like everyone I know, woke up in a weirder mood, broke down in a stranger town.
Track Name: H8ful8
if you wanna stop so short, i'll stay
i don't mind laughing into pillows.

take my mind off my hands for 1nce

if you gotta party on my grave,
let's go
tell your prep school friends i say hello.
Track Name: Bu nk be ds
when you're outta town, you try to treat me like i'm buried underground, but i could give or take a fuck, cause i just really wanna talk to you.

dunno what you've heard, halfly deep in dirt, but i can't make my body sound.
sleeping bag of worms until you come around, guess i'll never learn.

playin' by ear's slow with tongue-in-cheek and toes, before you make like dust.
takes a week or so, but not for kids like us, putting all our love to waste.