Oh How it Hurts

by Dungeon Kids

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released September 11, 2013

recorded and mixed by sean mercer at mobtown studios. mastered by carl saff. album artwork by olivia johnson/dan windsor

dan windsor- guitar, vocals, keys, percussion
zac yelnosky- drums, vocals, percussion
david garcia- bass

special thanks to ben woodworth for being there at the beginning and kory johnson for sleeping with his eyes open. sean mercer, NICK HUGHES, kinsey matthews, rozie jordan and ryan noemer also sang on this record.



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Dungeon Kids Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Is There Light?
touch underneath all these rugs, always crushed. crush schoolgirl skirt/schoolboy curse. and i'm still waiting on you doll. jump ship, jump high horse loose the heels. dropped in the middle of your lawn. damn............

is it light where you are yet? she takes me out and teach me reading. the roost we frequent at, she fancy that but i hate it now. damn.
Track Name: Mal
it matters walking in to walls. sorry that im no fun. maybe im just getting older, maybe im still ten years old.

not sorry left you on your side. lasting impressions in mind. i hate all her friends still, but she dont mind.

it matters sleeping on the floor. pretty little prom dress torn. your girlfriends couches gave us fleas, you let the tree grow through the basement.

cant tell apart a yawn from sigh sometimes, i think youre jerking off some guy, thats why your hands feel so cold when i come.

deep in my belly theres a pit where the pride i swallow turns to shit there. without my cue i just go blind, she burns my brain but i dont mind.

tooth decay, and every single day's just like your mother, in every single way.
Track Name: P. Squared
so be my baby now cause noone else is cool. yeah, noone else is cool like you. and when i hear your voice , i wanna touch myself. i wanna touch myself right there.

you gave it away a little bit too soon. another mother fucking p squared june without you. its cool, the bruises on my face don't show. you used to stay when i would say, 'don't go.'

if you stay gone then ill stay gone with you
and it feels so strange when we wake up away
Track Name: Grenville pt.II
i'm a mind reader; i'm a tip toe down these halls. i'm a mind reader; i can hear you through these walls.

it'll go to waste if you don't save me cause every fucking day is just a new mess like 98 all over us and itll go to waste if you dont take me with you.

when you walk out the door, i can't find you for days.
when you sleep on the floor, i trip over you babe.
when you turn out the light, i can feel you undress.
but by the end of the night, i begin to forget things again.